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I am a medical professional with over two decades of experience in clinical medicine and occupational health and wellness design, implementation and management. Over the years, I’ve worked in public and private-sector industries in South Africa and SADC. As the Managing Director of Vunimpilo Health Solutions, I lead a team of multidisciplinary experts who provide services to various industries regarding, amongst others, core Occupational Health and Wellness and more recently, COVID-19 compliance, Return-to-Site accommodations, and the management of vaccine hesitancy and mandates.


My Professional Affiliations

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About My Team

Our forte lies in or is mental health and resilience. This is where our clinical acumen shines. Collectively, we are qualified to conduct in-person and virtual health assessments and deliver keynote addresses, depending on the preferences of our clients.

Here’s why you can trust us

We ask the right questions

We are acutely aware of vocational dangers and are trained to look for measures to mitigate risks before they become reality. My fifteen years of personal experience in the Oil and Energy industry gave me an acute awareness in health risk management, and having been on the receiving end of employee health and wellness services, I am well placed to drive end-user engagement.

Due to increased focus on health & safety that impacts the bottom line, incidents in high-risk industries have decreased, such as oil & gas and mining. As a result of COVID-19, a more proactive approach to employee health and safety is now being taken, resulting in a healthier and safer workplace.

We firmly believe in putting people first

In one example, the implementation of a mental health programme, beyond just the conventional Employee Assistance Program (EAP), led to an increase in use and reduced absenteeism and presenteeism

We are a hands-on services

I may fill a managerial role, but I don’t shy away from getting my hands dirty. In my workman’s overalls, I’m often also found in the trenches ready to face any eventuality on the ground which assists with well-informed strategy design.

We’ve learned the hard way

In this rapidly changing industry, and with my inquisitive nature, I continue to retrain, study and research best practices to the better of business and industries.

How We Work

The starting point: consultation

There is no judging. We understand that you can’t foresee every possible outcome. That is why we help you implement industry-standard measures to enforce workplace health, safety and business compliance.

The cornerstone: analysis

This is no guessing game. We start with a clear-cut history and audit analysis of your business, your environment, and your people. This paints a picture of your journey and what we can do to make your environment a high-performance one.

The lynchpin: consistent iteration of tried and tested measures

No two companies are the same. Based on our collective experience, we recognise the exposures specific to each industry or occupation. Our Occupation Medical Practitioners (OMPs) are able to evaluate audit findings and conduct on-site quality assurance checks to ensure employers maintain safety standards and their employees remain safe.

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