According to a new report, South Africa ranks as one of the worst countries regarding mental health.

The report is the second Annual Mental State of the World Report from Sapien Labs. South Africa scored the lowest average score on the mental health wellbeing scale. The rate of distressed or struggling on the scale increased by 8%, from 28.5% in 2020 to 36%.

01: Integrated and digitized specialist services in Occupational Health, Wellness, Primary Care(including virtual consults), and Emergency Medical Service 

This is every organisation’s dream, bespoke digitized integration. Through Vunimpilo’s empowerment partners, we are able to offer this cradle to grave solution to clients with the Vunimpilo’s MD directly overseeing the efficient delivery of these services to the customer’s satisfaction on an ongoing basis throughout the contract’s life cycles. We do not wait for the pre-renewal/tender period, we listen very attentively to the pain points from the very word to ensure customer satisfaction.

03: Subject Matter Expert Consultancy and Advisory services to public and private sector industries

As seasoned senior health management professionals, We provide advisory services to various industries regarding, amongst others, core Occupational Health and Wellness. More recently, We serve as external Panel experts in managing COVID-19 compliance, Return-to-Site accommodations, and the management of vaccine hesitancy

Mental health and resilience are among our specialities. We conduct both virtual and in-person needs assessments, programme design and implementation, depending on the clients’ preferences.


02: Business Development and client retention for service providers

As experienced consultants with a wide network within across most industry and wearing a consulting hat, we offer a very niche service in assisting service providers to attract new business as guided by their sales and prospecting strategy.

On the other side of this very coin and because for us, customer and end-user satisfaction are the foundation and the cornerstone of our DNA/who we are, we ensure this client satisfaction for services rendered by their respective service providers during the entire lifecycle of the contract

This retention strategy is the bedrock of, a win-win solution for the individual, teams and ultimately, the organization they are part of.

04: Strategic partnering in the advancement of broad-based economic inclusion

Our ethos regards B-BBEE partnerships as a means of achieving economic upliftment, inclusion, and social upliftment for all parties involved.

Clinical Services

As a clinician, I can conduct virtual consultations with patients who prefer this new method of health management. Patients receive their medical results in a timely manner, as well as sick notes, referrals, and prescriptions, as necessary.

B-BBEE Strategic Partner

My team and I live out our passion and purpose for playing a meaningful role in the economic upliftment, inclusion and social welfare of all parties who benefit from B-BBEE partnerships.

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