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Vunimpilo is passionate about the health and welfare of people who are the driving force behind every business. Along with my team of multidisciplinary health and industry experts, we help businesses maximise their operational efficiencies by keeping their workplaces safe and their people healthy and productive. We research and implement industry best practices that follow a people-centric approach. We assist businesses to weave and embed the care culture within their organisations that goes well beyond compliance with the law. It is an approach proven to mitigate risk.

We offer specialist services in:

As specialist consultants, we offer our services in sourcing the best solutions for services related to Integrated and specialist services in Occupational Health, Wellness, Primary Care, and Emergency Medical Services.


Business Development and client retention for businesses and suppliers


Subject Matter Expert Consultancy and Advisory services to public and private sector industries


Strategic partnering in the advancement of broad-based economic inclusion


Clinical Services

We are specialised consultants with an extensive network of industry specialists who assist organisations and third-party solution providers in attracting and expanding their client base as guided by their business development strategies. As an independent party, we facilitate transparent and candid feedback to improve service delivery aligned with organizational goals. After receiving employee health services for more than fifteen years, my team and I are well positioned to provide services that drive end-user engagement.

Vunimpilo means ‘to harvest health’

As our name implies, our mission is to cultivate safe, high-performance workplaces that nurture a culture of people-centered care.

But first, we must nurture what we sow

Our purpose is to transform Occupational Health and Wellness on a grand scale; by genuinely listening to our clients and helping them to customise and deliver their services in a way that puts the safety, health and well-being of their employees first. Because we place the customer at the center of what we do, we strive to be a go-to partner for business development and client retention for service providers, thus creating a win-win environment for business, the provider and ultimately, the product end-user


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The new world order has made it clear just how crucial it is for us to take care of ourselves and others, if we are to move our economy forward. That is why we are here: to provide organisations with caring, sustainable solutions. We do this, not for profit, but for people and the planet. Whenever you're ready, we're here to help.

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